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RectLabel version 2023.09.12

- Improved the Core ML feature so that it can load both mlmodel and mlpackage.

- Improved the Create SAM feature so that you can use both box and polygon options.

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If RectLabel does not work correctly, delete cache files.

  • The cache files path is "~/Library/Containers/RectLabel", or "~/Library/Containers/com.waysify.roi", or "~/Library/Containers/com.waysify.roi.vpp".
  • Backup the settings file "the_cache_files_path/Data/settings_labels.json".
  • Delete the cache files.
  • Clean up the trash box and launch RectLabel.

If you encounter in-app purchasing errors, reboot your Mac.

  • Delete RectLabel via the Launchpad app.
  • Log out of the Mac App Store.
  • Reboot your Mac.
  • Log back in to the Mac App Store and install RectLabel.

If you installed RectLabel on your new computer, authorize or deauthorize your computer for iTunes Store purchases.

Key features

Label polygons using Segment Anything models

Label cubic bezier curves, line segments, and points

Label oriented bounding boxes in aerial images

Label keypoints with a skeleton

Label pixels with brushes and superpixels

Automatic labeling using Core ML models

Automatic text recognition using Vision framework

Settings for objects, attributes, hotkeys, and labeling fast

Search object, attribute, and image names in a gallery view

Export to COCO, Labelme, CreateML, YOLO, DOTA, and CSV formats

Export indexed color mask image and grayscale mask images

Video to image frames, augment images, etc.

Feature requests

  • iPadOS version
  • Windows version
  • Ubuntu version

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