An offline image annotation tool for object detection and segmentation.

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Open images folder and annotations folder

├── images
│   ├── 0.jpg
│   └── 1.jpg
└── annotations
    ├── 0.xml or 0.txt
    └── 1.xml or 1.txt

Once opened images and annotations folders, from the second launch, you can use command line arguments to RectLabel which image files should be opened.

open -a RectLabel --args -images 000000000872.jpg,000000010363.jpg
open -a RectLabel\ Pro --args -images 000000000872.jpg,000000010363.jpg


Open images folder

For the annotations folder, RectLabel uses “images/annotations” folder.

└── images
    ├── annotations
    ├── 0.jpg
    └── 1.jpg

Open a folder which includes a yaml file

You can open the YOLOv5/YOLOv8 folder exported from Roboflow.

└── exported_YOLOv5_YOLOv8_folder
    ├── data.yaml
    ├── train
    │   ├── images
    │   └── labels
    ├── valid
    │   ├── images
    │   └── labels
    └── test
        ├── images
        └── labels

Convert video to image frames


Remove EXIF orientation flags

Resize images

Next image and Prev image

Jump to image number

You can specify the image number to show.

Move images

Copy images


The annotation file is saved as {image_file_name}.xml in the PASCAL VOC xml format or {image_file_name}.txt in the YOLO text format.

Close folder

You can close current images and annotations folders.