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Edit menus

Create box

Create a box.

Move the box.

Select multiple boxes.

Change color.

View menus.

Settings menus.


Create polygon, cubic bezier, line, and point

Create a polygon.

Right click on the point.

Right click on the object.

Merge polygons and separate the polygon.


Create polygon using SAM

Select a model.

Select a create type.

Create using SAM.



Create keypoints

Create keypoints.

Each keypoint has a visibility flag v defined as below. Read more

Change visibility when click each keypoint.

Create the skeleton.

Right click on the point.

Right click on the object.

Keypoints names and edges are saved in the settings file. For the first keypoints object, you have to press an enter key to finish drawing, change keypoints names, and add edges.

View menus.

Create pixels

Create pixels using brushes.

Right click on the object.

Import pixels.

Select pixels.

The pixels file is saved as {image_file_name}_pixels{pixels_idx}.png in the annotations folder.

View menus.


Create pixels using superpixels.


Create image label

Create an image label without drawing the box.

Settings menu.

Create memo

Create memo for the image and can be used for searching. This feature works for the PASCAL VOC xml format.


Select an object.

Move an object/image.

Right click on the object.


Rotate an object.

Settings menu.


Rotate the image right/left

You can rotate the image and annotation to the right/left by 90 degrees.


You can select multiple objects and delete them.

Layer up/down

Change the layer order of the object.


Toggle erase

Erase points/mask when Create polygon mode.


Erase pixels when Create pixels mode.


Change brightness and contrast

Change the image brightness and contrast for dark images.

Change object color

Change the object color using the color picker.

Clear object color

Clear the object color to the default color.

Search images

You can search object, attribute, image names, and memo in a gallery view.


Clear search images

Clear searching and show all images.

Replace labels

Replace labels using regular expressions.


You can undo/redo actions.


You can select multiple boxes and cut/copy/paste them on another image.